Sound Services, Setup & Vendor

Fusion Night

Fusion Night is a whole new concept of taking the DJ music and its feel to the very next level and giving it an entirely new flavor. It is all about mixing the flavor of a pre-recorded DJ music with a blend of live Percussions giving the listeners a brand new feel; add color to the music and songs which they have never heard played in that style.

Fusion Nights is here to stay and a must-have experience therapy for music lovers who believe in change, who believe in adding fresh flavors to their sound buds.

DJ Show - Party - Night

With time, trend and versatility that a DJs desk can provide, the concept of DJ shows has grown in the biggest possible volume and it has no looking back.

Main reason that makes it happen is the variety that it provides to the customers and has an economical aspect to it i.e. it can be setup in all types of gathering. The biggest secret to make a DJ show a grand success is the choice of music being played keeping the clients taste and occasion in mind.

Pre-marriage Sangeet popularly called "Sangeet Sandhya"

Reality Shows and Television in India has given a whole new dimension to the celebration, adding a "Sangeet" function on the must-have before a marriage.

Pre wedding function has lots of colors in its setting, whereas "Dances" and performances with family members becomes the core requirement. This requires a steady sound system to keep the flow of the function very smooth.

Band Setup

In the case of Band setup, it varies a lot for different types of concerts and events. For example, requirement of setup for a rock band would vary from what is needed in a devotional gathering. Similarly an amateur band has a different set of requirement to that of a pure orchestra.

The Job of a Sound Operator is to know the correct need for the given concert and provide them with the right balance of monitoring on stage as well as the correct level of output for the audience, so that each instrument played by every member of the band is heard clearly and correctly.

College Festival

A College Festival Set up is a whole new ball game compared to all the other sound set ups. The reason it is said so because along with the loads of excitement and entertainment comes a big pack of confusion and a share of mis-management on part of the working committee. Simple reason for the same is that a big set of students handle the activity with very less authority given to them.

A need for such set ups is an alert operator, a technically sound personal and a patient back up team to cater to the needs of the event in a smooth and hassle free way.

Public Addressing System

A Public Addressing System has a very Simple formula to put up a successful show, LOUD & CLEAR, the two very basic requirements. All it requires is an alert operator and a very reliable sound system along with good quality microphones.

Be it a cordless microphone, lapel microphone or a podium microphone. Success or failure of such setups largely depends on the quality it gets.

Corporate Parties - Corporate Events & get-together

Elements required for a corporate party or a get together varies a lot from the other types of setups that we generally do. Simply speaking it´s a mixture of all the various set ups that we do.

It has elements of a good public addressing system in the initial stage to cater to the presentation & audio-video part and then to the party, moving on towards the entertainment segment on stage. And later on all the team members hitting the floor and looking forward for a great blast.

Disco Night - Party

Disco nights are all about a good blend of music along with some smooth and smart mixing skills. Success of such an event largely depends on the disc jockey and his/her sense of music.

These kinds of shows are planned session wise where a DJ would take the audience to a journey of music and get audience of each genre involved in it giving each one a different flavor of music. The DJ has to be rocking to keep the crowd on the floor for the large part of the show.

Conference Setup

Conference set ups are mainly about gathering of around 100 people approximately, which requires a very small but a reliable set, due to the stature of the event. All these kinds of seminar based meetings are held in a ballroom venue having good acoustic values to the place.

Quality of cables used for such set ups is the most essential factor to the success of the conferences. Any kind of unwanted disturbance in sound results in breaking the smooth flow of conference.