Light Services, Setup and Vendor

Fashion Show

Doing Lights for a Fashion Show is a little tricky but an equally professional job. The main aim of a Light Operator in these kinds of setups is to make sure that the models walking ahead or leading the stage have to be bright, clearly visible and still look colorful.

Light jockeys for these kinds of shows should also keep in mind whether they are able to provide with the right kind of ambience which is needed for the sequence. A good light management can lift shows like these, way above the expected levels and vice versa.

Musical Ballet - Show

Musical Ballets are generally shows done in Auditoriums with professional stage performers having a customized set of requirement which requires regular rehearsals involved to achieve synchronous show and perfect flow.

Requirements vary for each show depending on the script or story line of the ballet. Inputs are taken from the Light Management unit to analyze its performance after each show and use innovative ideas to give a right ambience to the flow of the ballet every time.

Drama - Theatre

Drama has a similar requirement to that of a musical ballet. But the only major difference is that dramas do not have a very colorful requirement. It might require some color to help create a mood of a particular scene.

A distinctive Requirement to a drama is its fade-in fade-out timing as per scene requirements and the other thing it needs is a nice and bright vision; resulting into a good vision to the audience viewing from the last row of the auditorium. Managing the onstage leakage of lights for change in props is also a small factor to be kept in mind.

Dance Competition - Show - Event

With the Era of Reality Shows doing big on small screen and promoting raw talent by providing a platform to talented individuals, the trend of dance competitions and performing arts with different styles of dancing involves complicated the job of Lights console compared to the earlier days.

With ILLUMINART done with the help of ultra violated rays has done a round of popularity in the field of dance competition, use of DMX controlled intelligent Light units like moving heads, scanners, beams etc. have a large section of usage to create a grand outlook for different forms of dance.

Pre-marriage Sangeet Party / Function Lights

This is one section where a light jockey has a little breather at his desk and can enjoy himself with the flow of the show. With Family performances and small skits doing the round on stage all that is required from a light jockey is a colorful and bright stage as well as making optimum use of the available resources like the laser light, strobe lights & par cans with various color gels and using the fog machines in semi regular intervals.

Well, couple Entry can be managed in a grand fashion on a Follow Spot Light and highlighted by use of Virtual Flames with Customized Art Work done on it.

Laser Show

As we believe, SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST. A Customized laser show is an ultra high tech variety added in an event to take it to a level of great heights. It has a fresh look to it as it can be customized and designed as per the requirements of the client and his show.

Salient feature of a laser show is that it can create a sense of excitement in viewers of all age groups who witness it. With a smart blend of write-up along with High Tech Graphics easily makes it the highlight of an event and sets the Stage on fire.

Laser along with the LED Technology is rediscovering a fresh ambience & its here to stay for long.